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Jacob Arroyo*

Jacob Arroyo*

Associate, SC& Associates

Jacob Arroyo is passionate about helping people.
He began his career in Financial Services in February 2019 after
graduating from Iowa State  with a degree in Finance.

His criteria for a future employer was simple. He wanted a family centric
firm that would not only teach him how to apply what he learned in school,
but would also continue to challenge him to continue to develop his skills.
For these reasons, THG Financial Strategies was an easy choice.

In the Summer of 2021 Jacob was hand selected to join THG’s advanced
producer group SC&A because of his desire and commitment to educate
and help others become more secure in their future.

Jacob’s other passion is hockey. He has played since he was three years
old, all through college at Iowa and still tries to play once a week to this
day. Jacob credits his coaches, teammates, host families and of course
his family with the person he has become.