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Jonathan "Nikko" Idrovo

Jonathan "Nikko" Idrovo

Associate Vice President

Almost 3 years ago I lost my uncle, who was a second father to me. Similar to most people, this was not the first time that our family had experienced such a painful event. Unfortunately when he passed my uncle did not have his affairs in order, to which our family had to burden the financial situation. Watching my family be torn apart with something that should have brought us together was truly unbearable. I told myself that from that point on I was not going to let something so tragic destroy our family or other families again; especially if it could be easily avoided. 

I chose this industry for that reason alone. I want to help people financially prepare now, to avoid leaving a tremendous responsibility on their loved ones. Guiding people to make decisions in this field may be difficult to face initially, but can leave their loved ones with less stress and a sound financial future. I believe my focus is in Whole Life Insurance. Based on my story alone, my presence is to help families recover after a devastating loss, while also educating clients on the living benefits that can be supplemented as a source of retirement income; which are accessible in Whole Life Insurance.

I currently hold a Life License in the state of Illinois